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What are the famous attractions in China

Beijing >> Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, Ming Tombs

>> Tianjin Tianjin Old City, a water park, the Great Wall in Hebei huangyaguan >> Beidaihe, Shanhaiguan, Chengde Mountain Resort

Inner Mongolia >> Genghis Khan, the Mongolian Temple, grasslands

>> Hukou Waterfall in Shanxi Province, Wutai...



Phoenix Ancient Town is known as China's most beautiful town

Phoenix Ancient Town, known as China's most beautiful town?throughout day and night?the clean Tuo river flows beyond the ancient city walls,the magnificent Southwark Foothills reflect in the river.The houses on stilts patchwork are uniform, trees are thick and green; unfolding a paper umbrella, walking with lover in the rain, how quiet and leisurely, the mountains are green, the...


China's most famous seaside city-Sanya

As China's most famous seaside city?Sanya is a city spoiled by God. God, known as the most pleasant climate, the fresh air, the most genial sunshine, most blue waters, most gentle beaches, most delicious seafood have been given to the southernmost Hainan Island coastal tourist city in China.

Transportation: Aircraft - Sanya - Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong...


Ocho días de la cultura antigua y milagros modernos

Ocho días de la cultura antigua y milagros modernos. La esencia de China está allí para ser descubierto junto al fenómeno mundial de la "nueva China". Caminar en la Gran Muralla. Ciclo largo de la muralla de la ciudad de Xi'an. Rickshaw través de los hutongs. Ver imperial la vida en la Ciudad Prohibida vienen a la vida con la ayuda de su guía privado. Explora la historia...



What are the notes when travelling

1. choose a travel agency with good service and reputation to guard against fraud, do not temptation to the too low price.

2, ready for the necessary documents before departure: such as passport, tickets and other bills

3, must be cautious when shopping, be sure sensible, healthy consumption

4, aboard the aircraft, pay attention to flight safety, seat belt, do not take...


What are the considerations for smoking electronic cigarette

Following are the  considerations for those smoking electronic cigarette are concerned about

Q: Who should not use electronic cigarettes?

A: minors, pregnant women, not suitable for smokers.

Q: how long can a electronic cigarette bomb suck?

A: A electronic cigarette bomb is equivalent to half a pack of regular cigarettes, a smoke bomb is equivalent to a half and a ...


How to use LED light to make home more beautiful

The LED spotlight on TV wall make the uneven walls and decoration more prominent, enhancing the living culture

LED ceiling light next to the sofa and chandelier take concerted action in the living room, while also providing lighting for sofa, which rose the kill two birds with one stone’s function

The LED spotlight on background wall show mottled walls, in sharp contrast...


What are the main three LED applications

Compared with incandescent, fluorescent and other traditional lighting, light-emitting diode (LED) as a new generation of lighting products with low power consumption, long lifespan, fast response, high color purity is widely used in the display, generally lighting, automotive lighting, electronic products backlighting, signal lighting and other lighting area.

With the...


New Zealand and Denmark are using intelligent LED street light

Having been introduced?intelligent LED street light has been enjoying a great popularity in the lighting market, and now many cities around the world are eager to prepare large-scale use smart LED street light system in urban. New Zealand capital Wellington in the near future plans to become the first city using intelligent LED street light system in southern hemisphere. The...


LED street lights are enjoying a great popularity over the world especially in China

Outdoor lighting including: Lawn lamp, garden lights, tunnel lights, flood lights, underwater lights, street lights, wall lights, landscape lights, buried lights, compared with the home lighting?outdoor lighting is known as power, brightness, bulky, long lifespan, low maintenance costs. It is worth noting that LED street lights dominate the outdoor lighting applications. Los...