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Household Led Light in El blog de David Smith


How to choose quality household LED lamps

The home lighting products including home LED lighting especially indoor LED ceiling lightwe directly face is different from crystal lamps and commercial lighting, of which the stability of product quality and product branding are particularly important?we can refer to the four strategies when buying indoor LED ceiling light and other home LED lighting.

First of all, make...


led lighting following incandescent and fluorescent light is the third lighting revolution

LED lighting especially household LED light including LED ceiling light such as LED ceiling light 25W and other indoor and outdoor LED light following incandescent, fluorescent light is the third lighting revolution .It is because of its energy saving, long life , widely used , and many other advantages that the worlds major countries and regions have been vigorously developing...


Which certification standard should pass to enter the LED lighting market in South Korea

In South Korea , the certification standards outdoor LED flood light and other outdoor and indoor LED lighting products must through is “KS certification standards .” certification standards for LED lighting products is part of KS certification standards . Originally , KS certification standards were introduced by South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy Technical...


Which certifies LED lights must be passed

Along with the LED lighting industry matures, the quality of LED lamps including LED tube light and other household and outdoor LED lights have been increasingly paid attention to, followed by a variety of product quality certification also started picking up . The first is related to quality certification LED lamps , such as of LED tube light and LED bulbs , LED downlights , LED ...


2014 is bound to be the year when the LED lights increasingly grow

The real estate control policies not only enormous pressure on the real estate itself in recent years , but also have some impact on the lighting industry especially LED light including household LED ceiling light and other household and commercial LED light , according to the survey on the NVC , Philips and some lighting manufacturers, overall sales of commercial household LED...