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How to choose quality household LED lamps


The home lighting products including home LED lighting especially indoor LED ceiling lightwe directly face is different from crystal lamps and commercial lighting, of which the stability of product quality and product branding are particularly important?we can refer to the four strategies when buying indoor LED ceiling light and other home LED lighting.

First of all, make sure which LED lights we are about to buy, is it concentrating, or astigmatism, the concentrating LED lamps are LED spotlights, the astigmatism LED lamps are indoor LED ceiling light.

Secondly, we shall pay attention to how the energy-efficient of indoor LED ceiling light and other household LED lamps is and how many  LED’s voltage and power are, the household LED lamps is generally 10W or less power.

Another is the key?we must consider the security issues. Security includes two issues, one luminescent security, the indoor LED ceiling light and other home LED lamp does not issue the harmful light, such as ultraviolet and infrared light, and 99% of the fluorescent tubes contain mercury and emit ultraviolet light, thanks to the internal material, indoor LED ceiling light and other indoor LED lamps do not emit harmful light including ultraviolet and infrared light, except for special UV LED. Second, be sure to select isolated constant current driver for the electrical safety, so that LED can work reliably and suppress surge damage to prevent glare.

Above all, we need to master how to identify the appearance. First, make sure there is no damage on the packing. Second, inspect the light and brightness, make sure whether there is glare, highlights, extra spot or not, whether the indoor LED ceiling light and other household light is soft and clear or not. Third, inspect temperature, which means that the surface temperature is stable when we actually touch for 1~2 minutes after the LED bulb is lighting up for 5~6 minutes.

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