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How to use LED light to make home more beautiful


The LED spotlight on TV wall make the uneven walls and decoration more prominent, enhancing the living culture

LED ceiling light next to the sofa and chandelier take concerted action in the living room, while also providing lighting for sofa, which rose the kill two birds with one stone’s function

The LED spotlight on background wall show mottled walls, in sharp contrast with the side of the craft, making the sitting room more ornamental.

LED spotlights in the living room provide focus lighting for paintings, highlighting the contents of the screen, also providing auxiliary lighting for the sofa.

Large living room with a plurality of lamp ensure the adequate illumination, LED spotlight on TV wall and LED ceiling light beside the picture enhance the gradations of the living room, the illumination effect of the living room become better.

LED ceiling light above TV wall is used to lighting of the diffuse reflection, small spotlights below make indoor brightness more uniform.

The LED ceiling light in living room provide the main lighting, the LED spotlight around supply auxiliary lighting.

The table lamp shade is consist with the frame and the sofa cushion color, furthering the overall feeling of the living room.Desk lamp can illuminate the picture hanging wall, also can provide lighting for the sofa.

Concealed lights installed in the living room at the top of the living room space, enhancing the sense of hierarchy, lamp provides key lighting for TV wall hanging painting walls, makes the picture more prominent.

The orange light added a touch of light to the TV wall, corresponding to the color of the sofa, the whole lighting effect of the living room is more warm.

The main lighting is corresponding to lighting color on TV wall, which not only show the art of TV wall, but makes the coordination of the entire living room lighting.

The LED spotlight on the top of TV wall illuminate the television background,when watching TV at night?glare doesn’t emerge, the adjustable lamp beside the sofa can provide key lighting according to the needed adjust angle.

Table lamp, floor lamp has the same as LED ceiling light color?they create a warm living room atmosphere without leaving a dark corner, the overall lighting is uniform and comfortable.

The LED spotlight on TV wall lamp illuminate the background, the use of auxiliary lighting make lighting effect in the living room brighter.

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