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Phoenix Ancient Town is known as China's most beautiful town


Phoenix Ancient Town, known as China's most beautiful town?throughout day and night?the clean Tuo river flows beyond the ancient city walls,the magnificent Southwark Foothills reflect in the river.The houses on stilts patchwork are uniform, trees are thick and green; unfolding a paper umbrella, walking with lover in the rain, how quiet and leisurely, the mountains are green, the water is clean, the sun is warm, each one being infiltrated are happy and sweet.

Transportation: Aircraft - the first plane to arrive in Huaihua, then to Phoenix ancient town by bus. Flights? Huaihua - Changsha, Huaihua - Guangzhou, Huaihua - Beijing and others.

Train – to Huaihua, Jishou by train, then transfer to Phoenix ancient town .

Automotive – shuttles from Jishou, Huaihua, Zhangjiajie to Phoenix. Phoenix is the only way between the Huaihua, Jishou, Guizhou Tongren.

Taxi - prices starting at 5 yuan / 2 miles.

Diet: sour, spicy  main specialties are: duck blood cake, sour soup, pork with porcini mushrooms, sour cabbage soup, pork with bamboo shoots, bracken fried bacon, spicy eel, explosion bacon, spicy chicken, etc., wild flavor is unqiue.

Accommodation: Accommodation is divided into Phoenix Inn hotels and family categories. Riverside Inn rates is 80-120 yuan / double, others is about 50-80 yuan / room. Golden Week family inn price is about five times more the usual.

Featured Products: native fern, mountain bamboo, natural pine mushroom oil, porcini mushrooms, suckling pig, bacon and other Miao. Flowery Hmong crafts belt has characteristics, silverware, batik.

Special Events: about eight o'clock in the evening, you can watch the Miao, Tujia ethnic folk dance performances at bonfire large ornamental pond or at the Palace in the evening campfire.

Caution: Do not enter anybody 's home with umbrella; Do not step on the threshold of anyone's home; companion shall not go to bed the same room when visiting other's homes; do not step on a tripod in the Hmong people, do not take the position being recruited (shrine direction) ; Do not whistle in Miao, Tujia cottage.

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