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The demand for LED tube lighting market will increase to 8.871 billion dollars by 2018


According to the latest “commercial lighting market report” pointed out that the global LED commercial lighting market penetration is still quickly pulled up in 2014, the annual growth is expected to reach 23%.

The main types of commercial lighting product applications are LED tube T8 and T5, LED spotlights,LED bulbs, while Europe, North America, China are the main world’s areas where the  LED commercial lighting enjoys a great popularity?which will still be the key markets within the next five years. The demand for the market of LED tube T8 and T5  is about 2.58 billion dollars in 2013?which will increase to 8.871 billion dollars by 2018, highlighting the importance of LED tube T8 and T5 in commercial lighting, especially are widely adopted in the parity of shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, underground parking lot, together with the rapid evolution design of LED tube T8 and T5, the cost advantage is also improved more rapidly than other lamps.

LED tube T8 as the main products in the regional market is widely applied as office lighting, the main color temperature of LED tube T8 in the major markets including Europe, America, Japan is cool, of which the main segments of color temperature of Chinese market is 6,500K. However, the lifespan of LED tube T8 is generally 25,000 hours.

Considering the strategies of commercial lighting manufacturer, the basic development strategy of Europe, America, Japan and is improving the quality of LED tube T8 and T5, including enhancement of lifespan, improvement of light efficiency and lighting quality; and light efficiency, uniformity color and life are still the key technologies; on the other hand, the strategies to Chinese manufacturers are more divergent. Since Chinese lighting manufacturers remains high growth, there is no established successful model, but overall “pathway advantage” should be the most powerful model, which is setting off a price war in physical distributors, e-commerce and so on, and therefore what they urgently to do is to step up supply chain and integration of resources.

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