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What are the considerations for smoking electronic cigarette


Following are the  considerations for those smoking electronic cigarette are concerned about

Q: Who should not use electronic cigarettes?

A: minors, pregnant women, not suitable for smokers.

Q: how long can a electronic cigarette bomb suck?

A: A electronic cigarette bomb is equivalent to half a pack of regular cigarettes, a smoke bomb is equivalent to a half and a pack of regular cigarettes.

Q: Are e cigarette batteries interchangeable general batteries?

Answer: No. The lithium battery is dedicatedly used for battery of electronic cigarette vapor, the working voltage is 3.7V-4.2V, the electronic cigarette batteries shall not be confused with ordinary batteries. (Similar size and 7)

Q: When the battery needs to be recharged?

A: A fully charged battery can support a smoke bomb, when the lights in front of tobacco stems blinks frequently is relatively fast shows the battery need to be recharged.

Q: Under normal circumstances, how long is the lifespan of the e cigarette bomb and the shelf life?

A: The service life of cartridge is one week; the shelf life is 2 years.

Q: How long is the lifespan of tobacco stems?

A: In the case of non-human damage, the lifespan of tobacco stems is at least five years.

Q: will the electronic cigarette liquid be aspirated into mouth?

A: Absolutely impossible? the cigarette holder of electronic cigarette has been designed specifically using the anti-reflux structure, so there is no backflow of liquid smoke.


1. For the use of electronic cigarettes unused or placed during period of time, be sure to load a new cigarette bombs and wait a few minutes until liquid smoke infiltration. If there is no smoke-free liquid, the electronic cigarette vapor would be easily damaged when used.

2. An ordinary cigarette can be smoked for about 15 times, smoking electronic cigarette for 14-16 times?proposed that do not smoke until waiting for half a hours.

3. For the electronic cigarette unused?the charging Li-ion battery time is 12 hours?then charging time is 3-4 hours.

4. Prohibition of direct inhalation of liquid in the cigarette bombs, the excess liquid easy to stimulate the oral mucosa when in direct contact with the mouth.

5. Please keep the e-cigarette and e-cigarette liquid and smoke bombs away from children.

6. keep the e-cigarette liquid and cigarette bombs in cool and dry place,  avoid direct sunlight, use within 12 months

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