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What are the notes when travelling


1. choose a travel agency with good service and reputation to guard against fraud, do not temptation to the too low price.

2, ready for the necessary documents before departure: such as passport, tickets and other bills

3, must be cautious when shopping, be sure sensible, healthy consumption

4, aboard the aircraft, pay attention to flight safety, seat belt, do not take dangerous or flammable materials, prohibit the use of mobile phones and other related electronic equipment during the flying.

5. Please do not change the seat while driving, do not put hand and head out of the window, take care of the vehicles passing when get up and down the bus to avoid danger

6, lock the valuables in hotel safe: such as portable, keeping the main work, not from the hand

7, please close the door when accessing to the hotel room, do not drop the clothes on lights or smoke in bed, when hearing the fire alarm tone, please leave quickly by the emergency exit, do not take the elevator

8, check your baggage carried before departure, with special attention to financial documents and valuables.

9, pay attention to health, do not eat raw food, raw seafood, as well as skinned fruit, do not patronize unlicensed roadside stalls and prevent overeating. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, no smoking, drinking less alcohol

10, not to break away from the team when in group tours. If you need to leave alone, please obtain the consent of the leader or guider and tell him or her where exactly you are about to go, particularly at night or go out on own free time, should pay special attention to safety?and must take carry with the local accommodation address, phone?remember charging the phone?to avoid accidents.

11, keep in mind when and where to gather?as well as the license plate number of tour bus bfore arriving the attractions and exploring. In case off the group, please return to the centralized location to wait for the guides and team member.

12, if there is irritating activities during the trip or free activities, those with poor health do not participate in.

13? those suffering from heart disease, lung disease, asthma filial disease, high blood pressure should not engage in water, high-altitude activities

14, participate in water activities including the speed boat, drifting raft , please wear a lifejacket in accordance with the provisions, and follow the guidance of the staff

16, when taking the cable car, please sequentially get up and down, obey the command staff.

17, swimming on the beach, do not go beyond the security cordon, whoever are not familiar with the water shall not swim alone

18. Do not exposed the valuables particularly the bills publicly when shopping and travelling

19.other matters specified by the travel agents and tour team.

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